To create a device or app for elderly people that would allow them to have a better experience while keeping in touch with family and friends. A fun and easy interface to allow elderly people to email, text and call others. It could have additional features such as birthday reminders, specialized voice alerts as well as health checks for the rest of their family.
Video to showcase App
Logo for Device
Opening screen for App
Menu swipes left and back to reveal contacts.
1. Elders can observe who they interact with more by the size of their contacts images.
Visual Contacts screen.
Confirming to call this contact.
2. Elders can speak as the device writes the email out. No typing involved at all. 
Visual Contacts screen that indicates who you call more.
Elders can choose to go to their inbox or email this contact
Inbox Screen
Received Mail screen 
Compose Email Screen to reply this contact.
Composed message preview.
3. Elders can track their health 
Daily View 
Calendar Entry.
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