Oasis - Senior Thesis Project
Oasis is a program consisting of water bottles and a hydration station system that is strategically located around the city of Dubai for public access to high quality water. The UAE currently has the highest consumption per capita of bottled water. Looking at our our high consumption of bottled water, we should consider drinking from the tap. People have a misconception that local tap water is not fit for human consumption. Demand for bottled water in the UAE remains high despite the fact that tap water is desalinated, a process that consumes large amounts of energy, into a highly pure product. Where many parts of the world do not have access to clean water, other countries do not fully utilize their resources. My project aims to reduce the carbon footprint and plastic waste stream, as well as create awareness about this important issue. By using Oasis’s “Bottle for Life” made from aluminum and “Aqua Bars” you donate to charity and eventually, lead to actions of water conservation. The system encourages reuse of Bottle for Life and promotes tap water. I wish to change consumers opinions about bottled water, make them aware of how we can use our own tap water, and understand scarcity - a step forward to a more sustainable city. My final project consisted of a motion piece that illustrated my proposal and supplemental items such as t-shirts, postcards, stickers, iPhone covers and conservation tip tags.
Project Video 
Facts about UAE bottled water market 
Existing situation in Dubai
Project description
Logo explorations
Final logo
Bottle design
Bottle personalization 
Hydration Station designs
Conservation tip tags
Project exhibited at Parsons the New School for Design Senior Thesis Show 2012
Screenshots from project video
iPhone app
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